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Biographie Netherlands Bach Society

The Netherlands Bach Society is a leading vocal-instrumental ensemble with a strong international reputation. Founded in 1921 to perform Bach’s St Matthew Passion in the Grote Kerk, in Naarden, the Netherlands Bach Society has grown over the past century into a professional ensemble who play, sing and pass on the work of Bach and his contemporaries and kindred spirits. Our musicians play authentic instruments and are driven by curiosity and the joy of music-making.

For more than a hundred years, since 1921, we have been putting our heart and soul into sharing Bach’s music with the world, inspired by the motto Bach for everyone. We present the many colours of early music and of the Netherlands Bach Society. The ideas held by new generations lead to continually changing perspectives. This allows us to keep discovering deep layers and exciting gradations in Bach’s fantastic music, while keeping our eye on the surroundings and circumstances in which his music was created.

All of Bach for everyone: that is our motto and our mission. Every year, we give more than sixty concerts in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition, all music-lovers can enjoy the works we record for All of Bach, free of charge, on YouTube. To breathe new life into tradition, we are constantly looking for interesting partners and involving new audiences in our work. We train the Baroque musicians of the future through the Young Bach Fellowship, we coach amateur musicians in the Utrecht region, and through our education programme we bring secondary school pupils into contact with the fascinating world behind the notes of Bach.

It is awe-inspiring how Bach has remained so relevant across the ages. We can always go to him for inspiration, emotion, comfort and reflection. In a hectic world, Bach’s music is a constant factor for each generation. Bach for everyone.